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Feastive iOS app

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Feastive iOS app

on iPad and iPhone

26 chefs

The Feastive app features 26 of the UK’s best chefs each providing a menu of wonderful dishes

Over 100 recipes

Canapés, starters, mains, desserts & petits fours with ingredient lists & wine matching, all beautifully photographed with easy to follow instruction

Britain' greatest chefs

The chefs on this app are amongst the most talented and creative in the country, winning every award imaginable. Here we bring together their recipes which have been created to work in a home kitchen

The chefs

The Feastive iPad app features 26 Great British Chefs (21 on the iphone) and 129 of their recipes (105 on the iPhone), including: Tom Aikens, Marcus Wareing, Pascal Aussignac, Nathan Outlaw, Martin Wishart, Alfred Prasad, Galton Blackiston, Shaun Rankin, Simon Hulstone, Frances Atkins, Paul Ainsworth, Vineet Bhatia, Theo Randall, Gary Jones, Simon Rogan, Adam Simmonds, Robert Thompson, Bruno Loubet, Adam Gray, Agnar Sverrisson and Michael Wignall.


Inspirational dishes

Inspirational dishes in the palm of your hand whether you're entertaining family and friends or creating a romantic night-in. The app delivers incredible recipes ranging from Marcus Wareing’s Roasted venison with figs and chocolate, Theo Randall’s Spatchcock Pigeon with cavolo nero, Adam Simmond’s Roasted Partridge, Nathan Outlaw’s Crispy Oysters, Tom Aiken’s Bouillabaisse, Martin Wishart’s Roast Goose, Paul Ainsworth’s Raspberry Meringue Pies, Simon Rogan’s Hot fig mousse, Frances Atkins' Lobster thermidor, Shaun Rankin’s Scallops with Chesnuts to Bruno Loubet’s Festive Quails.


Intuitive navigation and search functionality.

105 beautifully photographed recipes, including canapés, starters, mains, desserts and petits fours, with ingredient lists, cooking times, equipment, wine recommendations and clear method steps.

Making the cooking process easier, the cooking mode function allows you to focus clearly on one step at the time.

Comprehensive information on all the chefs and their restaurants.

A series of ‘how to’ films for particularly tricky stages of recipes.

Combine all recipes and view the ingredients by aisle.

Metric to US Imperial switch.