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Recipes iOS app

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Recipes iOS app

on iPad and iPhone


Each chef presents three full menus with five courses each (canapes, starters, mains, desserts and petits fours)


180 photographed recipes with ingredient lists, cooking times, equipment, wine recommendations and method steps


Bringing chefs to life in your kitchen, offering guidance on professional cooking that will leave guests begging for the recipe


Bursting with recipes

Putting 180 dishes in the palm of your hand, the app gives users access to three customisable five-course menus from each chef, which they can either follow in full or use to make a bespoke menu of their own. The app is bursting with tips, videos, wine pairings, and a shopping list tailored to whichever dishes users want to make.

From the perfect Beignets to Quail mulligatawny to Bubblegum panna cotta - when you make them, they'll leave any guest begging for the recipe. We believe that people should share the recipes they love, so if you have the app you can just email them to your guests.


Intuitive navigation and search functionality.

180 beautifully photographed recipes.

Wine recommendations and clear method steps.

A series of ‘how to’ films for particularly tricky stages of recipes.

An easy-to-use shopping list feature.

Metric to US Imperial switch, which converts measures and also changes the language to US English.

...or try one of the recipes