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Josh Eggleton

Josh Eggleton

Menus change daily, not due to culinary pretension, but so that Josh Eggleton can make the best of that day’s exciting delivery of fresh, local and sustainable ingredients. His food is inspired by British classics in the broadest sense – Josh Eggleton is an admirer of the “magpie culture” of British cuisine – and is very much ingredient-led. Dishes are playful and sometimes tongue in cheek – scallop pops, served on cocktail stocks, are a Pony and Trap favourite – while the expert flavour combinations make it clear to see how the chef has effortlessly retained his Michelin star since it was awarded in 2011.

Josh Eggleton is a long-time advocate of the field to fork movement, co-founding the popular Eat Drink Bristol Fashion festival to promote the importance of food sustainability. His dedication was recognised in 2014 when Eat Drink Bristol Fashion became the first festival ever to receive a Gold Standard catering mark from the Soil Association.

In light of this passion for sustainability it is no surprise that Josh Eggleton chooses his suppliers carefully, supporting local produce and artisanship – cheese from Timsbury, trout from the Chew Valley lake and smoked salmon from the Valley Smokehouse, less than ten miles down the road. Whether it’s their famous steak and chips or a pickled ewes milk and watermelon canapé, Josh Eggleton is proud to keep his customers informed of where the food on their plates has come from.

Artisanship is a discipline Josh Eggleton practises himself, and at the Pony and Trap it is a policy that everything that can be is made in-house. Bread is baked daily, sauces such as piccalilli and curry sauce are made fresh and even the butter is churned on the premises. In the future, Josh Eggleton hopes to develop the self-sufficiency of his business even further, with plans to introduce a kitchen garden, orchard and chickens onto the premises. With this, he hopes, future menus can be led by the unbeatably fresh, high quality produce coming from his very own backyard.