10 beautiful bread recipes

10 beautiful bread recipes

by Great British Chefs 11 September 2017

Nothing beats the smell of freshly-baked bread in the kitchen. See how the UK's best chefs bake their own and follow these ten bread recipes for a loaf that's guaranteed to please.

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Great British Chefs is a team of passionate food lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest food stories, news and reviews.

Great British Chefs is a team of passionate food lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest food stories, news and reviews.

Grasping the basics of baking bread is something any keen cook should master, whether you're planning to treat yourself to a homemade loaf every week or just want to wow with a speciality bread at your next dinner party. Use this selection of bread recipes as a source of baking inspiration and take your bread-making to the next level.

1. Viennese bread

Russell Brown takes the enriched dough of the classic Viennese loaf, but reworks it into delightful dinner rolls – perfect for those that have mastered the basics and want to try something different.

2. Potato bread

Emily Watkins’ potato bread was inspired by her D-Day research for he appearance on 2014's Great British Menu. Potato bread was widespread due to flour rationing, but the flavour in this loaf is anything but stingy. She also serves this loaf with a beautiful homemade cider butter, made from rich Guernsey cream.

3. Gluten-free soda bread

The prospect of going gluten-free is, for many, filled with fear at the thought that they'll never taste proper bread again. Luckily, Russell Brown is on hand with his sublime soda bread recipe. It’s also a quick loaf to put together, thanks to the lack of proving time, so can be whipped up to accompany any midweek dinner.

4. Rosemary brioche

Warm, buttery brioche flavoured with delicately aromatic rosemary pairs together perfectly in these neat little brioche loaves. With a high butter content, it's best to work with the dough when cold so the brioche doesn't become greasy and lose its form.

5. Ale bread

James Mackenzie uses his own brew, Two Chefs Ale, to flavour this homely loaf. Ale in bread works beautifully – these two staples are linked throughout history due to their yeasty roots, with brewers traditionally serving as the main suppliers of yeast to bakers.

6. Beetroot bread

Marcello Tully’s bread recipe is studded with earthy, sweet pieces of beetroot – not only adding flavour but gorgeous colour with the gem-like beetroot cubes. Vegetables are generally high in moisture content, and should be cooked before adding to a dough to concentrate flavour and reduce the chance of a soggy dough.

7. Cornbread

A truly ancient bread of the Americas, cornbread is a great Native American invention. Anna Hansen recreates this comforting loaf with aplomb in this simple recipe – best served to mop up rich stews and gravies.

8. Allotment bread

Ollie Moore bakes up a loaf inspired by a simple wander through his garden. This is a recipe to save for spring and summer, serving as excellent inspiration for making your own aromatic loaves.

9. Pão de queijo

These tasty little rolls are popular breakfast snacks in Marcello’s native Brazil. The use of tapioca, or cassava flour, allows the long starch strands to create a unique texture to the crumb and crust of this bread.

10. White bread

And finally, proof that sometimes the most simple things in life are the best. Dominic Chapman's white bread recipe is delightfully back-to-basics, and perfect for beginner bakers.