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Alfred Prasad: my mother’s prawn curry

Alfred Prasad: my mother’s prawn curry

by Great British Chefs 22 March 2017

We invited chef Alfred Prasad to host an exclusive Facebook Live masterclass on 25 March to show us how to create his mother’s Anglo-Indian recipe for prawn curry. Take a look at the video here.

Ask any chef where their love of food first came from, and the vast majority will tell you it stemmed from their mother’s cooking. The culinary memories we make during our childhood tend to stick with us throughout the rest of our lives, and many of the world’s most accomplished chefs incorporate nostalgic dishes into their contemporary menus.

Alfred Prasad is no different. Growing up in central India meant he was always surrounded by quality ingredients, thanks in part to his father’s vegetable garden. But it was his Anglo-Indian mother that showed him how to prepare cuts of meat, thanks to her upbringing in the UK.

One of the dishes he remembers most fondly is her prawn curry. Unique in style thanks to his mother’s background, it combined a tomato-based sauce with marinated prawns and was served alongside string hoppers (or idiyappam) – a type of steamed rice noodle. It’s a dish he still enjoys making to this day; full of warming, comforting spices, thick juicy prawns and stringy, spaghetti-like noodles to mop up all that delicious sauce.

Alfred with his monther
Mum's Anglo-Indian prawn curry

Luckily for us, Alfred shared his mother’s prawn curry recipe just in time for Mother’s Day on the Great British Chefs Facebook page, for our first ever Live and Cooking video. Alfred talked us through the recipe, telling stories of his culinary upbringing and sharing lots of cooking tips and tricks. Take a look at the video below if you fancy cooking the dish yourself.

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Alfred Prasad: my mother’s prawn curry


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