13 foodie feeds you should be following on Instagram

13 foodie feeds you should be following on Instagram

by Hannah Melvin 10 July 2017

There are some big players dominating the food world on Instagram, but there’s plenty of other accounts that are putting their stamp on the scene. Discover thirteen you might not be following yet, and get set for some hunger pangs.

Hannah has a passion for travel and loves trying new culinary delights around the world. When she's not planning her next adventure, she can be found indulging in sweet treats, discovering new music or hunting down London's best street food.

Hannah has a passion for travel and loves trying new culinary delights around the world. When she's not planning her next adventure, she can be found indulging in sweet treats, discovering new music or hunting down London's best street food.

Instagram. It’s taken the world by storm, overtaking Twitter in popularity and sitting pretty as the third most popular social media platform in the world. And its most loved content? Food is certainly up there. Far from being just a place to share a snap of your dinner, it’s become the go-to channel for culinary inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant to dine at on the weekend or fancy trying something new for brunch, there’s billions of ideas at your fingertips. But if your feed is looking a little stale, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up thirteen underdogs that are putting their stamp on Instagram’s very pretty food offering. Get your thumbs at the ready and discover some mouth-watering photography.


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1. @valerianecchio (6k followers)


Valeria is originally from the Veneto in Italy, something which becomes crystal clear when scrolling through her beautiful feed. Dotted between stunning landscape shots, she shares her often simple but never boring Italian recipes. Valeria has contributed a number of incredible dishes to Great British Chefs and Great Italian Chefs, which you can find here. Keep checking Valeria’s feed, with her new book Veneto hitting the shelves this month – she’s definitely one to watch.


Follow for: seriously stunning Italian recipes and travel snaps

2. @fatfoodbeast (9k followers)


@fatfoodbeast travels between London and Malaysia and the Asian influence is quite clear throughout his feed. Sushi and ramen are standout favourites, and the close-up shots make for some serious food envy. Street food is the name of the game here, so if you’re looking for some new London spots to try out, this is the account to follow.


Follow for: the latest hotspots in London street food

3. @igbrunchclub (10k followers)


Run by top foodie influencers @mondomulia, @ClerkenwellBoyEC1, @charlottehuco, @tschang, @heartdrive and @izyhossack, these guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to brunch in London. The aesthetically pleasing flat-lays and super colourful plates makes this the first account you should visit before heading out for a blowout weekend breakfast.


Follow for: beautiful brunch inspiration

4. @wallfloweraimee (11k followers)


Aimee was a big winner at last year’s Pinterest awards, taking home three trophies, and we think her Instagram account deserves the same recognition. If you’re vegan or vegetarian (or feel like you could be), this is the account to follow for new recipe inspiration. I mean, would you just look at those cakes?


Follow for: tempting vegan treats

5. @the.xandwich (14k followers)


The name speaks for itself over on @the.xandwich. Street food sarnies, sandwiches at restaurants, sandwiches from shops, you name it, he shares it. It’s not just photos either; there are in-depth, no-frills and quite frankly hilarious reviews nestled in the description covering everything from bread to filling. Your next lunchtime, sorted!


Follow for: a good sarnie and a good laugh

6. @millykr (15k followers)


There’s something so satisfying about scrolling through Milly’s feed. Truly beautiful photography, stunning travel scenes and food to die for, this is a perfect example of an aesthetically pleasing grid. Milly has already been named as a top ten foodie influencer by the Evening Standard and we can see why. Her other account @WeekendJournals covers all things Cornwall if you’re from (or visiting) the South West.


Follow for: food envy and the stunning aesthetic

7. @samphireandsalsify (22k followers)


The food really speaks for itself over on Samphire and Salsify. It’s all about decent, proper grub from the greatest spots in the UK. If you’re looking for some new places to eat and drink around the nation, then this is the account to follow (look away now if you’re on a diet!).


Follow for: substance over style and the latest restaurant reviews

8. @missfoodwise (27k followers)


Scrolling through Regula’s feed is like opening a fantastically foodie history book. In a world of contemporary flat-lays and over-edited photos, @missfoodwise’s account is incredibly refreshing. If you love a good steamed pudding, this is the account to follow, with desserts from her book Pride and Pudding often making an appearance.


Follow for: historical foodie fun

9. @ldncheapeats (51k followers)


London can be an expensive place when you want to dine out, but @LDNcheapeats proves it doesn’t have to be. Founded by influencer @thecutlerychronicles (who is also worth a follow), she obviously knows a thing or two about good food in London. There’s a lot of street food, but surprisingly a lot of restaurants too. The best bit? It’s all £8 or less.


Follow for: food on a budget and hidden spots in the capital

10. @ks_ate_here (60k followers)


You probably won’t find a more mouth-watering feed than this. Burgers oozing with melting cheese, runny eggs over steak and chips and meaty roast dinners with all the trimmings. This account is for serious carnivores only, and it’s not for the health conscious either. But does anyone really care when the food looks this good?


Follow for: mighty meat

11. @candidsbyjo (112k followers)


Another seriously pretty grid, Jo knows food styling very well. It’s not just visually beautiful; Jo is a good writer, and shares compelling stories in her descriptions about the food she eats and the places she visits. Scrolling through, you really feel as though you’re getting an insight into her wonderful world. Our favourite posts? The cinemagraphs! If you don’t know what these are yet, check out this snap.


Follow for: the cinemagraphs and the stories

12. @theboywhobakes (121k followers)


You might recognise Edd from season one of the Great British Bake Off (where he eventually became the deserving winner), so no surprises for guessing what he tends to post on Instagram. Get ready for all the baked goodies you could possibly want, from pâtisserie to chocolate cakes and cookies.


Follow for: recipes and inspiration from the bountiful world of baking

13. @sarkababicka (139k followers)


Colourful and packed with mouth-watering snaps of good grub, Sarka’s feed is a foodie’s dream. With over 140,000 followers, we’re obviously not the only one to appreciate her account. Sarka is a photographer by trade, so prepare from some seriously stunning images. The feed is a fantastic all-rounder: healthy plates, indulgent dishes, recipes, restaurant reviews and amazing adventures.


Follow for: all things food, glorious food

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