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Gluten-free cooking

Gluten-free cooking

Take a look at all the gluten-free recipes, tips and guides you'll ever need, whether you're gluten-free yourself or preparing gluten-free food for someone else.

Wheat flour is responsible for some of the world’s most beloved – and important – foods. Breads, cakes, pastries, tarts, batters, doughs, sauces; the list goes on. Thanks to its gluten content, it can help things rise, bind together other ingredients, thicken liquids and crisp things up. That’s perhaps why many people see following a gluten-free diet as a limiting, negative way of life, with so many foods and dishes off-limits.

That’s all changed in the past decade, as chefs, home cooks and food manufacturers started playing around with gluten-free flours. They realised that you could create fantastic versions of gluten-containing foods by swapping out wheat flour with a vast array of other ingredients, each boasting their own flavours, textures and properties. While there are plenty of dishes which are naturally gluten-free, those that traditionally contain it are now made with substituted ingredients to give those with intolerances or allergies the opportunity to enjoy them along with everyone else. Awareness of gluten intolerances and coeliac disease has never been higher, and now supermarkets have entire sections dedicated to free-from foods.

Whether you’re following a gluten-free diet yourself or want to cook for someone who is, knowing where to start can be tricky. Baking is a bit of an exact science, so simply swapping out regular flour for gluten-free flours doesn’t always work, and there are lots of everyday ingredients out there which most of us don’t realise contain gluten (malt vinegar and soy sauce are two good examples). That’s why we’ve gathered together all our top gluten-free recipes and guides in one handy place, in partnership with FREEE.

From baking bread and making cakes to recreating family favourites which traditionally contain wheat flour, the recipes below will ensure your gluten-free cooking results in triumph after triumph. We’ll be updating this page every month to give you regular and seasonal inspiration for gluten-free dishes at home, be they naturally gluten-free or made with the new and exciting gluten-free flour blends that make gluten-free baking so easy. Take a look!

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