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Great British Bake Off 2016: Final Week inspiration and tips

Great British Bake Off 2016: Final Week inspiration and tips

by Great British Chefs 26 October 2016

This year’s final episode will have a touch of royalty about it – see what Andrew, Jane and Candice will be tasked with and take a look at some of our most showstopping recipes.

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Another week, another hour of baking madness in the Bake Off tent. But this time is different – firstly, because it’s the final, and secondly because it will be the last ever episode aired on the BBC. Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that the theme this week is royal. It’s also been billed as the toughest trio of challenges in Bake Off history, so there should be plenty to keep finalists Candice, Andrew and Jane on their toes.

A three-tiered meringue crown ‘big enough for the whole royal family’ will be required from each baker for the signature challenge. Assuming they already know how to pipe circles for baking meringues and how to make meringues, they’ll need to ensure their crown looks fit for a queen and combines some interesting flavours. Rachel Walker has the right idea with her Meringue with yuzu curd and griddled persimmon, as does chef Galton Blackiston with his Coffee meringue with passion fruit cream and summer fruits.

Mary Berry will be setting the final technical challenge of the series, giving just a single instruction and leaving the bakers to figure out how to do the rest. We have no idea what it might be, apart from that it’s a British classic.

The showstopper is billed as the most challenging ever, with a five-hour time frame and a multitude of different cakes. What makes it even more nerve-wracking is that all the series’ past contestants and the finalists’ friends and family will be there watching every sift, beat and rise right outside the tent. It goes without saying that the final bake of Bake Off 2016 will have to be something special – at least as impressive as Josh Eggleton’s Hazelnut, caramel and sesame mousse cake with malt ice cream or Francesco Mazzei’s Aubergine and chocolate cake.

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Great British Bake Off 2016: Final Week inspiration and tips


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