The Great British Chefs Cookbook Club: February 2018

The Great British Chefs Cookbook Club: May 2021

Welcome to the Great British Chefs Cookbook Club! Find out how it works, how to get involved and what prizes you can win.

Even with the vast number of recipes available on the internet these days, there’s nothing quite like leafing through a beautiful book full of recipes. It’s a medium that’s stronger than ever before, with cookbooks topping bestseller charts throughout the year. If you’re anything like us then you’ll have shelves upon shelves of them in your home – some kept in pristine condition, others earmarked, stained and scrawled over after years of use.

It’s this national love for cookbooks that has prompted us to start our very own cookbook club. Each month we’ll select a cookbook that we think stands out from the rest and ask you, the Great British Chefs community, to cook a recipe from it. We’ll publish a small selection of recipes on our site so, even if you don’t already have the book, you can still get involved and see how your cooking compares to everyone else’s. Apply to join the Facebook group here and take a look at this month's book (and recipes) below. We've also included the winning post from last month's book, as well as some of our other favourite entries.

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This month's book: Kricket: An Indian-Inspired Cookbook by Will Bowlby


Kricket is where you'll find some of the most interesting Indian food in London, with chef Will Bowlby taking inspiration from his time cooking in India to combine the flavours of the country with some British twists. His cookbook of the same name shows you how to cook some of his favourite recipes at home, and we're delighted to be featuring it as May's book of the month.

Below are seven (yes, seven!) of the dishes from the book to give you an idea of the full recipes featured, but if you want to buy it for yourself, you can get it here.

Butter garlic crab

Butter, crab, garlic, pepper – that's pretty much all you need to make this delightfully rich crab dip, perfect for scooping up with breads.

Old Delhi chicken curry

Butter chicken is a classic dish that's been a firm favourite for decades in the UK – this version is one of the best we've tried.

Keralan fried chicken with curry leaf mayonnaise

A signature dish at Kricket, the crunchy spiced pieces of chicken go perfectly with the aromatic curry leaf mayonnaise.

Bhel puri

A street food snack from the streets of Mumbai, bhel puri is a cacophony of contrasting flavours, textures and colours.

Mishti doi with pomegranate and mint

A Bengali dessert of lightly spiced and sweetened set yoghurt, this recipe is a delight in the sun and effortless to prepare.

Karnatakan mussels

Coconut, curry leaves, mustard seeds and chilli add plenty of flavour to these beautifully steamed mussels.

Lamb haleem

A thick, warming, hearty lamb dish that's given body thanks to blitzed wheat and lentils – perfect for feeding a crowd.

Last month's winners

Last month you took a trip to Italy with Theo Randall's lovely The Italian Deli Cookbook. Congratulations to Hayley Evans who took the top spot this month – she wins a prize! Take a look at her dish and all the other honourable mentions below.

Marta Biris stirred, stirred and stirred again to make this wonderful risotto di mare
Laura Gaynor's bruschetta were a sight to behold
Jang Kwon decided to go green with these top-class ravioli
Magdalena Bujak's brunch-friendly dish of 'nduja eggs would certainly spice up any weekend
Nathan Woodland's ravioli were a masterclass in pasta-making
Frances Clarke took a trip to Puglia with these dainty orecchiette
Kim Ferris brought a taste of the ocean to her plate with this tuna in anchovy and rosemary sauce
Viki Paterson's pillowy gnocchi came smothered in a creamy porcini tomato sauce

Make sure you post photos along with commentary of the dishes you cook using Kricket in our Facebook group to be in with the chance of winning.