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For such a small, young country, Israel has a food scene that many larger nations could only dream of. Perhaps that’s why Tel Aviv is regularly voted one of the most foodie cities in the world – something that surprises most people who have never visited. Perhaps it’s the bustling markets selling all manner of fresh produce, or maybe the dozens of hole-in-the-wall cafés lining the streets where hungry locals queue up for their lunch. It could be the hip, contemporary restaurants that have popped up over the past couple of years, combining Israeli tradition with international influences, or the fact that if you ask any Israeli where to find the best hummus, they’ll happily reel off a list of their favourites.

In truth, it’s a combination of all these things that makes Israel a must-visit for any intrepid foodie. If you’re a fan of falafel then you’ll be in culinary heaven, although there’s plenty more to explore and taste. And there’s no need to worry if you’re vegetarian or vegan – Israel is home to more vegans per capita than anywhere else in the world, with nearly every restaurant in the country offering a vegan-friendly menu.

With all that in mind, scroll down to learn more about this incredible country and the sorts of dishes you can expect to find.

TASTEscape: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

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Israel is home to some of the most delicious street food in the world, with pitta breads, chickpeas, vegetables and slow-cooked meats transformed into all manner of handheld bites. Take a look at what's on offer.

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