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Matteo Ferrantino at Obsession 2015

Matteo Ferrantino at Obsession 2015

by Great British Chefs 27 January 2015

In the run up to Obsession, we grabbed a quick chat with one of the 27 world class chefs taking part in the sold out event, Matteo Ferrantino.

So you’re going to be cooking in Northcote’s kitchen as part of Obsession. Have you ever eaten there before?

Yes, two times already. It’s an amazing place, amazing family, working style – really, really good. Nigel is a really good cook. He’s also more or less my style: he’s a bit modern but knows the basics of the kitchen.

What's going to be your dish for this year’s Obsession?

The dish will be fish dish – Hamachi with cauliflower and vegetables between a purée and couscous. About six or seven different (variations of) cauliflower.

Could you talk us through the dish?

Ah, so this is almost my signature dish because I love it very much. Hamachi is a rare fish - I love working with rare fish – so I make it into a kind of sashimi. It’s a cold dish and it’s really fresh. It's combined with an Asian vinaigrette which includes lemongrass and ginger – they give a little bit of spice with the rare fish. The combination is really good.

Hamachi with cauliflower and vegetables
Hamachi with cauliflower and vegetables
Matteo Ferrantino
Matteo Ferrantino

This is a dish you do at Vila Joya ?

It’s one we used to do at the restaurant, yes, not always because we change the menus every day. So maybe we do this dish two or three times in a month.

And will you be sourcing the ingredients from Britain or bringing them with you?

Some things I will take with me from here – from Portugal, yes (things that Portugal produce) and some I will take from somewhere in the UK.

How would you describe your style to people who might not be aware?

It’s a really fresh style. There is nothing so molecular – it is a combination of new styles and old styles. It’s a really fresh cuisine with the right acidity which helps you to enjoy the food.

Are you a fan of British cuisine yourself?

Yeah, yeah, yeah - it’s really good. I like every food around the world. There is always something in different parts of the world. They have their own style, own produce and yeah I like the food!

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Matteo Ferrantino at Obsession 2015


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