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Enter the Great British Chefs Foodie Survey now

Enter the Great British Chefs Foodie Survey now

by Great British Chefs 20 January 2017

Do you make your own jam? Are you lost without your potato ricer? Have you ever cooked sweetbreads? We want to find out who today’s British foodie really is – take part in our ultimate cooking survey and see how your credentials stack up.

Over the past six years, we’ve built up a community of serious foodies. For many of you, when you’re not pickling fresh produce from your garden, you’re cooking steaks sous vide, filleting whole fish and trying exotic new ingredients. But now we want to get down to the nitty-gritty of what makes a true ‘British foodie’ in 2017. Do you pass round vol-au-vents before a dinner party, or are they and prawn cocktails a thing of the past? Do your cupboards overflow with exotic ingredients like Sriracha and nutritional yeast? How many of you make fresh pasta? Would you be happy to tuck into kangaroo meatballs or snipe?

That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate checklist for any self-confessed foodie. Covering everything from what’s in your cupboard to where you get recipe inspiration from, you’ll be able to see just how much of a dedicated cook you are and, once we publish the results, how you stack up against the rest of our community.

So if you want to see what cheffy equipment you still need for your kitchen, just how many ingredients you could own or find out the sort of meat and seafood you tend to cook the most, click the link below, complete the survey and help us answer the question of what today’s foodie really looks like.

The Great British Chefs Foodie Survey

Click here to tell us about the kind of foodie you are!

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