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Top 5 brunch recipes to woo your lover

5 brunch recipes for Valentine's Day morning

by Izzy Burton 05 February 2016

Egg lovers rejoice! With Valentine's Day falling on a Sunday this year, it's the perfect opportunity to indulge in an elaborate brunch. We've collected some of the best brunch recipes for a romantic breakfast in bed.

1. Spiced banana French toast, smoked bacon, chilli labne, tamarind caramel

Not for nothing are there regularly queues of people waiting outside Peter Gordon's restaurants, The Providores and Kopapa, every weekend – the chef's brunches are legendary, after all. Enjoy a fusion feast without having to face the crowds with his superb French toast recipe, an aromatic pile of golden goodness smothered in caramel and chilli labne. While you might have to begin your preparations a day or two in advance you should wear this as a badge of honour; nothing says 'I love you' like straining homemade labne overnight in your fridge.

2. Glazed lobster omelette

Transform your kitchen into London's most exclusive fine dining establishment – not to mention the only one with dressing gowns on the dress code – with this luxurious omelette recipe from Shay Cooper of The Goring. Using a simple omelette made of salt, pepper and eggs as its base, this decadent dish is topped with fresh lobster and a rich thermidor glaze. Somewhere between the cognac, double cream and succulent lobster flesh your stock will have risen so astoundingly in your partner's eyes that, were romance a currency, you'd soon be having this for breakfast every day.

3. Eggs Benedict with tea-smoked salmon and yuzu hollandaise

‘How do you like your eggs in the morning?’ ‘I like mine oozing over tea-smoked salmon, smothered in yuzu hollandaise and poised all atop a pillowy English muffin, thank you’.

The above reply is unlikely, but this unbeatable brunch recipe from Anna Hansen requires just the right amount of effort to show your other half that you really do care. You can prep the salmon ahead of time to keep kitchen time on Valentine’s Day itself to a minimum, leaving yourself more time for explaining what yuzu is to your swooning lover.

4. Buckwheat, banana and passion fruit pancakes

'Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey' sang the Searchers, which is all well and good but arguably long overdue an update for millennial palates. 'Buckwheat for my sweet, no sugar for my honey' is a tune you might hum to yourself as you prepare this delicious gluten-free pancake recipe from Deena Kakaya, relying on banana and passion fruit to provide natural sweetness and colour. The perfect healthy brunch recipe for those caught between their diet and their sweet tooth, a drizzle of fresh passion fruit to finish makes these feel suitably special. As Deena says herself, 'the passion . . . it comes through' – and when it comes to a Valentine's Day breakfast you certainly can't argue with that.

5. Bloody Mary with horseradish vodka

Dined a little too well the night before? If you wake up finding yourself a victim of your own excess Bruno Loubet's fiery take on the Bloody Mary cocktail will help you return to the land of the living. Here horseradish infused vodka is used for an even heftier kick, with the combined might of tomato juice, lemon juice and celery salt working together to heal your broken body. If you want to add even more spice try this Asian Bloody Mary, made with wasabi and sriracha.

Looking for more Valentine's Day ideas?

If you've still got room and plan on venturing out for Valentine's Day dinner afterwards take a look at our guide to the best Valentine's Day menus across the UK for the low down on all the best special menus and gourmet getaways on offer.

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5 brunch recipes for Valentine's Day morning


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