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Victorinox: knives and boards for the ambitious home cook

Victorinox: knives and boards for the ambitious home cook

by Great British Chefs 01 May 2018

With centuries of experience, the people at family-owned Victorinox certainly know a thing or two about making knives – and the Swiss Modern range is their latest collection.

Victorinox has to be one of the most famous Swiss companies in history – after all, it was responsible for inventing the Swiss Army Knife in 1884. It’s certainly come a long way since then, becoming a globally recognised brand in 120 countries, but the business is still owned by the Elsener family and continues to run the same steel factory in the small village of Ibach in Switzerland.

While the company produces all sorts of things today, from watches to perfumes, foodies know it for its fantastic knives, and its new Swiss Modern range is the latest addition to the collection. With top-quality blades that boast a razor-sharp edge, comfortable handles that rest naturally in the hand and precision engineering to ensure the knives perform at their very best, they’re a fantastic addition to any home cook’s arsenal.

There are six knives (two of which are described below) and a selection of cutting boards in the Swiss Modern range. The kitchen knife has a fifteen centimetre blade and the Japanese-inspired santoku knife is slightly longer at seventeen centimetres. Both have handles made from walnut wood, precision edges and stainless, wear-resistant blades. The cutting boards are both eco- and blade-friendly, can go in the dishwasher and have grooves to collect trimmings and liquids.

Victorinox’s latest Swiss Modern collection shows how the company is dedicated to innovating and ensuring they are at the forefront of producing excellent kitchen knives. The combination of over two-hundred years of experience, a dedication to their family-owned history and the latest cutting-edge tech means their knives can help make prepping and chopping ingredients a joy rather than a chore.

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Victorinox: knives and boards for the ambitious home cook


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