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Great British Chefs White Paper: how the nation cooks and eats

Great British Chefs White Paper: how the nation cooks and eats

by Great British Chefs 02 May 2017

Food has never been as high on the UK's agenda than it is today, so we recently conducted one of our most comprehensive surveys yet in a bid to discover more about this love affair with food, from both a national as well as a Great British Chefs specific perspective.

2,007 people were asked an extensive list of questions about their cooking, eating, buying food and dining out habits, the results of which we then compared with the answers given to us by the Great British Chefs community. The outcome was fascinating, and shows how deep Brits' love affair with food runs. We now know that 39% of people in the UK consider themselves foodies and 30% are cooking from scratch 5 times a week.

While our previous surveys have all focused on what the Great British Chefs community had to say, this is the first time we’ve had a look at the comparison to the rest of the UK. There’s a significant difference between the two – while 68% of people said they either love or enjoy cooking, that’s nothing compared to the 90% of the Great British Chefs audience.

We also looked at how age, gender, location and socio-economic factors play a part in how someone eats, shops and cooks. For instance, we know that eighteen to twenty-four year olds love cooking more than people in socio-economic group AB, and that Londoners love cooking more than those in Wales. We know women consider themselves better cooks than men and that younger Brits avoid certain categories of food, like meat, more than older groups.

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Read our in-depth report for insights into Britain’s national food and cooking scene. Discover how many foodies there are in the UK, who is prepared to pay extra for quality and how you can engage with these consumers.

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When it comes to comparing the Great British Chefs audience to the national average, a picture of true foodie commitment emerges. Our community are cooking more regularly, are more interested in artisanal and unusual ingredients and are happier to pay for quality products. They are cooking a wider variety of proteins and are more keen to know where the items they purchased come from. This translates into the fact that our audience buy more premium food brands than any other segment.

To find out more and see the hard evidence behind why the Great British Chefs community is at the forefront of food culture in the UK, download our full report and take a look at our findings. One thing’s for sure – this is a fast moving space and we’re delighted to be part of it and can’t wait to see how it evolves and grows over the coming years.

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Great British Chefs White Paper: how the nation cooks and eats


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