Marketing Services

We provide our clients with a full service solution that helps them engage foodies through a wide range of tactics. Our campaigns surround the consumer and inspires them to engage with our brand partners’ stories. Our campaigns are consistently proven to deliver results.

Our approach to campaigns

The campaigns we create for clients are designed to envelop the consumer and engage them across a number of different yet complementary touch points. All our campaigns leverage our deep insight into foodies and as such we only work with brands that we feel have a relevant message for our community. Our campaigns tell a story and invariably have inspirational content at the heart of them, which is then amplified across our channels. We work very collaboratively with our brand partners to help them create content that inspires our audience and delivers their brand message in a relevant and credible way.


We create beautifully photographed recipes to inspire foodies and encourage them to use specific brands or products. The recipes are authored by some of the world’s best chefs and food influencers and are commissioned to tell a story and deliver a change in behaviour.


We help brands authentically communicate their story in a way that engages foodies and justifies the premium they charge. Our features are visually arresting and editorially independent and we always ensure the story we are telling will resonate with our readers.


Amongst various events, we run exclusive cook schools at which guest chefs help to tell our brand partner stories in an engaging and intimate environment. The cook schools are often broadcast to our community via Facebook Live and are designed to inspire attendees to amplify the experience more widely.


We create videos that bring our brand partners’ stories to life and help them connect with our premium foodies. Our videos range from recipe videos with ingredient partners to editorial stories about destinations at home and abroad. They are widely shared on our social channels and leveraged by our brand partners across their own platforms.

Home Page Takeovers

Our homepage takeovers are designed to help brands reach our most loyal and influential audience and to showcase our partnership. They are editorial in feel and are supported by strategically placed branded content and advertising. They deliver great brand engagement and ROI.


Our successful advertising offering is 100% controlled by us, native in feel and delivers an impact. We have fewer ad placements per page than any other UK food site and consequently deliver better click-through rates. We help brands to target highly relevant content and do not sell via any third-party networks so all advertising is relevant to our community.


We have over 225,000 subscribers to our newsletter which continues to grow at a rapid rate. We have great engagement levels and are able to deliver our brand partner message into the inboxes of Britain’s most premium foodie audience, who in turn act as the UK’s influencers.

Social Media

We have a loyal community of over 1 million people who engage with us on a variety of platforms. We share our brand partner stories with our community through posts, videos, question and answer sessions on Twitter, live Facebook streams, Instagram stories and a whole host of other tactics.


We run weekly competitions that are promoted to our audience of premium foodies. Our competitions receive between 10,000 and 20,000 entries and we deliver approx 25% third party data opt-in rates. Our competitions provide highly efficient ways for brands to reach and engage the most influential foodies in the UK.

What We Do

We are dedicated to understanding the foodie consumer and developing unparalleled relationships with some of the greatest culinary talent the world has to offer. We leverage this insight and access to the best culinary minds to create and deliver campaigns that help solve our brand partners’ challenges.

Great British Chefs is a genuinely credible brand that is highly respected by chefs, food influencers and our community. We are the go-to brand for cooking advice and provide more premium and authoritative food content than anywhere else on the web. We leverage our position and industry relationships to endorse a small number of brands that we truly believe in.

We are driven by a belief that without deep insight and understanding of consumers and categories, campaigns and brands will fail. We conduct regular research with our audience and leverage this understanding to help our brand partners understand consumers’ real motivations. We also provide consultancy to help solve the myriad of challenges facing them.

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