Partnership opportunities

As the leading premium food website in the UK, we work closely with a select group of food brands. We help these brands understand foodies, tailor their messages to help engage them and deliver results. Many of our partners have worked with us year after year and consider us a key element of their go-to market strategy.

Marketing services, insight and consultancy, endorsement

Great British Chefs is a unique business that leverages its deep insight into foodies to help brand partners understand and engage their target audience. We provide our partners with actionable insight into their categories and help them optimise their story so that it resonates with foodies. We provide a full-service marketing solution with authority and credibility that has been proven to deliver strong results.

A love of numbers

Great British Chefs is a numbers-driven business that believes in the power of data. We have deep insight into our users, who have answered over 900,000 questions for us in the last 12 months. We measure everything we do and this approach has helped us grow our social channels and website traffic rapidly. We apply the same data-driven approach to the work we do with clients.

Traffic statistics

The Great British Chefs website receives 15 million visits a year and is growing at 35% year-on-year. The traffic is predominantly organic (70+%) and comes from foodies who are searching for recipes and food-related content. The visitors to our website spend longer on our site and view more pages than any other UK food site (source: because it is faster, functionally superior and filled with beautiful, engaging content.

Social statistics

Over the years, Great British Chefs has built a loyal community of passionate foodies. Our users love food and are always keen to be part of the conversation. They comment, like and share our posts, acting as advocates and influencers to the rest of the UK’s foodie community.

A Taste of our Work

Working with with Barilla since 2015, we have helped establish them as the pasta of choice for Britain’s foodies. They feature across every piece of pasta content on our website.

Over the past 2 years we have helped Tilda communicate their superior quality credentials to a foodie audience to help justify their price premium and prove that the perfect rice is worth paying more for.

Since 2014, we have partnered with Peter’s Yard to put them at the heart of the UK’s obsession with artisanal cheese. They are the founding sponsor of our Great British Cheese Awards, an annual celebration of the best and brightest in British cheesemaking today.

Great British Chefs and Sous Vide Tools have worked together since 2012 to inspire foodies to cook sous vide. Today, almost 9% of our audience own sous vide.

Since 2015, we have worked with Explore Canada to inspire foodies to engage with Canada’s unique food and travel story. The campaign has delivered fantastic results, with a significant increase in search volumes and consideration as a holiday destination.

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What We Do

We are a marketing focused publisher, so we understand how to influence consumers, change behaviour and build brands. We make sure we understand the challenges our brand partners face before creating customised solutions that deliver results. Our solutions are born out of the deep insight we have into our foodie audience and our expert culinary knowledge.

Great British Chefs is a genuinely credible brand that is highly respected by chefs, food influencers and our community. We are the go-to brand for cooking advice and provide more premium and authoritative food content than anywhere else on the web. We leverage our position and industry relationships to endorse a small number of brands that we truly believe in.

We are driven by a belief that without deep insight and understanding of consumers and categories, campaigns and brands will fail. We conduct regular research with our audience and leverage this understanding to help our brand partners understand consumers’ real motivations. We also provide consultancy to help solve the myriad of challenges facing them.

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