Game pies

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  • medium
  • 4
  • 1 hour 30 minutes, plus overnight marinating time and 2 hours resting time



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  • 200g of pork fat, roasted and rendered, or melted lard
  • 100g of water, warm
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 300g of flour
  • 10g of salt



To finish

  • 4 egg yolks, beaten, for glazing
  • piccalilli, to serve
Begin with the pie filling as it needs to marinate overnight. Blend the marinade ingredients together into a paste
Finely dice the offal and mixed game meat then place in a bowl with the pork fat and bacon. Add the ground spices and marinade. Mix to combine evenly and season. To check the seasoning, fry off a small amount of the mixture to taste. Leave in the fridge overnight
The next day, make the pastry. Pour the warm melted fat and warm water in a bowl, whisk in the egg yolk then add the flour and salt. Stir and bring together to form a dough. Work while the pastry is warm
  • 300g of flour
  • 200g of pork fat, roasted and rendered, or melted lard
  • 100g of water, warm
  • 10g of salt
  • 1 egg yolk
Divide into 8 pieces to roll into rounds for bottoms and lids if making pies, or just 1 base per person for a pasty shape
If you want to make pasties instead of pies, simply cut out larger bases and add the filling in a length down the centre. Draw up the sides and crimp to create the signature pasty shape
To make round pies, line 4 straight-sided ramekins or metal rings with clingfilm then carefully place the bases into each one. Use your fingers to gently push the pastry up the sides of the ramekin (there should be enough pastry hanging over the top to crimp to the lid)
Generously spoon the filling into each pie, ensuring it's packed in tight with no gaps
Add the lids and crimp to seal. Egg wash the tops with egg yolk then place in the fridge to rest for at least 2 hours and up to 24 hours
Preheat the oven to 220°C/gas mark 7. Carefully de-mould the pies and place on a baking tray (removing the cling film). Brush generously all over with the remaining egg yolk to glaze then bake for 12-15 minutes until very well bronzed
Serve up warm or at room temperature with some piccalilli on the side
  • piccalilli, to serve
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