Hotch potch - lamb and vegetable summer soup

Hotch potch - lamb and vegetable summer soup


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It always feels strange to be talking about soup in summer, but when there is an abundance of vegetables in season, along with new season meat, it is a perfect way to showcase them. This is my take on a traditional Scottish dish which is called variously hotch potch or hairst bree (harvest broth). Traditionally made with neck of lamb or mutton, I prefer to use the shank as it renders it a bit meatier with less fat in my experience. The vegetables can be any that are in season at the time, and I tend to use whatever can be supplied from my Dad’s allotment, but peas and broad beans are a must. Some people prefer to cook the vegetables for a long time but I believe you should give them as short a cooking as possible to maintain their bite and vivid colours.

In a large pan, cover the lamb shank with 2 litres of water. Add the salt, bay leaves and parsley. Cover with a lid and over a medium heat, bring to the boil. Simmer for 2-2 1/2 hours until the meat is ready to fall off the bone
Remove the meat from the pot and set aside. Add in the onions and turnip, bring to the boil again, then simmer for 10 minutes
Add the carrots and simmer for a further 10 minutes followed by the peas, broad beans and lettuce. Warm through for a further 3 minutes
Meanwhile discard the skin and bone from the lamb and chop the meat roughly. Add into the soup, check for seasoning, stir through the chopped parsley and serve
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