Bishopstoke Farm lamb, escabeche of vegetables and cheese on toast


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Short saddle of lamb

Confit lamb belly

Braised lamb shoulder

Courgette purée


  • 500g of beetroot
  • 2 sprigs of fresh thyme
  • olive oil
  • 200g of caster sugar
  • 200ml of Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar

Artichoke barigoule

Saffron pickle

Cheese on toast

For the lamb belly, salt the lamb belly in a mix of thyme and rock salt for 4 hours
Heat the oven to 160°C/Gas mark 3
Wash the lamb then put in an ovenproof dish and cover with duck fat. Cook for 2 hours 30 minutes
Cool until you can handle the meat. Roll up tightly then wrap in cling film while warm and put in the fridge to chill and set
For the lamb shoulder, heat the oven to 140°C/Gas mark 1
Season the lamb shoulder well and colour all over in a hot pan
Sweat off the vegetables in a little oil in the same pan and deglaze with a little white wine
Place the sealed lamb and vegetables into an oven proof dish and cover with chicken stock
  • 500ml of chicken stock
Braise for 2 hours 30 minutes
Allow to cool at room temperature then roll the shoulder in cling film and chill
For the courgettes, blanch the courgette for 5 minutes in salted boiling water
Remove and blend in a blender for 5 minutes then pass through a fine sieve and chill
For the beetroot, peel and vac-pac the beetroot with a little olive oil and thyme, and steam for 18 minutes. Allow to cool at room temperature
Put the vinegar and sugar in a pan, heat until the sugar dissolves then reduce to half its original volume. Pickle the beetroot in the Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar and sugar for 24 hours
  • 200g of caster sugar
  • 200ml of Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar
For the artichokes, peel the outside leaves off the artichoke hearts and hold the artichokes with the head pointing out, use a sharp knife to “turn down” and remove the green skin on the outside of the artichoke then place in water with lemon
Once all the “turning” is complete chop the tops off the artichokes to just above the hard area. Using a mellon baller cut out the “choke”
Put the artichoke in a vac pac bag with all the other ingredients. Give it a full vacuum and steam for 23 minutes. Chill as quickly as you can
To make the saffron pickle, put all the ingredients in a pan, heat gently then boil and reduce by half
Wash the carrots and blanch in seasoned boiling water for 2.5 minutes. Whilst hot, vac-pac with the hot saffron pickle
For the saddle, vac-pac the now trimmed saddles with a little olive oil and thyme and cook in a water bath set at 53°C for 15 minutes
Remove from the bag, pat dry and, fat side down, crisp up the fat then quickly seal the other side in hot butter. Leave to rest for 10 minutes then serve
Heat the oven to 220°C/Gas mark 7
Rub the saddle all over with a little oil and season. Roast for 15 minutes then turn the oven down to 160°C/Gas mark 3 and cook for another 20 minutes. Rest for 10 minutes
  • 1 tbsp of oil
For the cheese on toast, blend all the ingredients together and place in a piping bag
Slice the bread. Spread the cheese mix onto the bread and grill
Arrange the elements in the middle of a serving plate and top with the cheese on toast
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