Smoked mackerel pâté with dill and cucumber quick pickle

Mackerel pâté


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To make the quick pickle, use a vegetable peeler to slice the cucumber into wide ribbons. Place the ribbons in a bowl with the chopped dill and a pinch of black pepper then cover with the pickling vinegar. Set aside for 15 minutes
Meanwhile, flake the smoked mackerel into chunks, discarding the skin and any bones you may come across
Place the mackerel into a bowl with the spring onions, herbs, lemon zest and crème fraîche. Carefully fold the mixture together until fully incorporated
Taste the pâté and season with black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. You won’t need salt as the smoked fish is salty enough already
To serve, spread the pâté on the toasted sourdough and top with the drained quick-pickled cucumber
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