Mrs Beeton's snow eggs

  • Dessert
  • medium
  • 4
  • 60 minutes, plus cooling time


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Snow eggs


  • 3 egg yolks
  • 150g of sugar
  • 100ml of milk
  • 100ml of cream

Almond praline

For the custard, heat the milk and cream in a pan until just simmering. Whisk the sugar and yolks until pale and slowly add the hot cream mixture, while continuing to whisk
  • 100ml of cream
  • 100ml of milk
  • 150g of sugar
Return to the custard mixture to the pan and stir constantly over a low heat, using a flat bottomed spoon, until the custard is thick enough to coat the back of the spoon
Strain the custard through a fine sieve into a bowl, cover with pierced cling film and set aside
To make the almond praline, place the sugar into a small pan over a medium heat and allow the sugar to melt
  • 40g of sugar
As soon as the sugar turns a dark golden brown, add the almonds and stand back, as the caramel may spit out the pan
Continue to stir the almonds for another 2-3 minutes and place onto a silicone baking mat to cool. Once cool, roughly break up the praline and place into a blender until you have a mix of small and fine pieces
For the snow eggs, place the oven onto steam or alternatively, fill a deep tray with water and place into the oven at 130°C. Beat the egg whites into stiff peaks and then gradually add the sugar and beat until dissolved
Spray the egg shaped moulds with baking spray then half fill with meringue. Smooth the meringue so it creates a shell inside the mould and place a small tsp of marmalade in the centre
Set aside in the fridge and allow to cool slightly. Flip the egg out of the moulds using your hand
Spoon meringue on top then smooth with a palette knife to create an even surface
Place in the oven (or deep baking tray with water, covered with tinfoil) and steam for 5 minutes or until the eggs puff up
To serve, cover the bottom of the dish with the custard then place a snow egg on top. Sprinkle with the almond praline and serve
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