Peach Melba float


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This summer Häagen-Dazs launched The Master Ice Cream Academy to celebrate real, premium quality ice cream, and all the joys, tastes and sensations that accompany it. The academy has brought to life these qualities, encouraging us to explore all of our senses - aroma, sound, colour and texture - to discover how much they influence those special mouthfuls.

To host the academy, Häagen-Dazs brought together a panel of expert ambassadors to create ‘The Masters of Real’. Acclaimed Head Chef at Duck & Waffle, Dan Doherty was joined by leading lifestyle blogger Rosie The Londoner and sensory expert Professor Barry Smith.

The academy was founded on the principle that ice cream should be made with high quality, carefully selected ingredients. That’s why Häagen-Dazs will always start with a base of four ingredients – real cream, real milk, sugar and eggs – no vegetable fat, no preservatives, and minimal air.

Dan said “As a chef I truly believe that carefully selected ingredients are the key to excellent quality food and it’s exactly the same with ice cream. Ice cream is one of life’s simplest pleasures when made with the right ingredients - which is why I want to celebrate it!”

We’re delighted to share an incredibly special, yet deceptively simple recipe from Dan Doherty, a creative twist on a nostalgic ice cream float or knickerbocker glory, Dan’s peach melba version makes a truly decadent dessert.

Daniel at the Master Ice Cream Academy
Daniel at the Master Ice Cream Academy
Strawberries & Cream ice cream
Strawberries & Cream ice cream
Slice the peaches and strawberries and place a couple of each in the bottom of 6 tall glasses
Add a scoop of Häagen-Dazs Strawberries & Cream ice cream
Repeat both layers and sprinkle with toasted almonds
Top up with rosé champagne to serve
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