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Quorn steak strip and onion pie

Quorn steak strip and onion pie


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Although we eat Quorn quite often we’ve never tried the Steak Strips until now. They’re really convenient and would make a nice alternative to beef strips or chicken in a stir-fry. My husband loves pies so I thought I would try him out with a meat-free twist on the classic beef and onion pie to see what he thought. What I liked most about using the Quorn as an alternative to beef is the cooking time, as it takes just a fraction of the time that it would take to cook beef. And the husband? Well, he loved it!


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Preheat the oven to 200°C/gas mark 6
To begin, heat the oil in a pan. Add the sliced onion and fry for 7-10 minutes until softened and browning
Browned onions
Pour in the ale and stock and bring to a simmer. Stir in the gravy granules, rosemary and a few twists of black pepper. Simmer for approximately 8 minutes before adding the steak strips and heating through
Quorn Steak Strip filling
Spoon the steak pie filling into a pie dish, or divide between 4 individual dishes Cut the pastry to fit the dish (or dishes) and press down at the edges to seal
Pie filling
Brush with some beaten egg and cut 2 slits in the top of each pie to allow steam to escape
Pies ready to cook
Sprinkle with a little black pepper and bake in the oven for approximately 25 minutes, until the pastry is puffed up and golden brown
Finished pies
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Quorn steak strip and onion pie


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