Scallop with Jerusalem artichoke, apple and miso-glazed eel

Scallop with Jerusalem artichoke, apple and miso-glazed eel
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  • 60 minutes, plus overnight dehydrating time


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Begin this recipe the day before you plan to serve. Preheat an oven to 180°C/gas mark 4. Clean the artichokes, then place in an oven tray, cover with foil and bake for 1 hour. Once soft, cut the artichokes in half, carefully remove the flesh from the skins and keep in the fridge. Reserve the skins too
Place the artichoke skins in a dehydrator set to 60°C (or a very low oven) and leave to dry out overnight
The next day, bring a deep-fat fryer or deep pan of oil to 180°C. Deep-fry the skins until golden brown and crisp, then drain on kitchen paper and store in an airtight container until needed
To make the purée, place the reserved artichoke flesh in a pan with the milk, cream and butter. Bring to a simmer then strain through a fine sieve, reserving the liquid. Transfer the flesh to a blender and blitz to a smooth purée, adding the liquid back in as needed to get a smooth consistency. Taste and season with salt and lemon juice
Peel and core the apple, then cut it into very fine slices (using a mandoline if you have one). Use a small circular cutter (around 3-4cm) to cut out 12 discs. Place the discs into a vacuum bag, then seal to compress. Repeat this process of sealing, compressing then opening the bag 4 more times to ensure maximum compression
Next, prepare the eel glaze. Bring the sake, mirin, sugar and miso to the boil and reduce by half. Meanwhile, portion the eel into small 2cm slices. Brush the eel with the glaze and place on a tray ready to caramelise under the grill before serving – it’s a good idea to preheat the grill to medium-high at this point
Finally, cook the scallops. Place a nonstick frying pan over a high heat until smoking hot. Season the scallops with salt and cook for 3 minutes on one side until golden brown
Turn the scallop over, add a small knob of butter and take off the heat. Allow to rest in the pan for 3 minutes
While the scallops rest, place the eel under the grill and reheat the purée. To serve, add a spoonful of purée to each plate and top with the eel, apple discs and crisps. Place a scallop alongside. Toss the salad leaves in a little olive oil, then use to garnish along with the sorrel cress
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