Seared foie gras on toasted brioche with caramelised orange


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To plate

  • 2 handfuls of salad mâche leaves
  • 1 dash of Madeira
Take some brioche and slice it to approximately 5mm thick. Cut it into rectangles around 2.5cm x 2cm toast it and keep it warm
Slice some fresh foie gras approximately 1cm thick. Season it with salt and pepper and sear in a very hot pan on both sides quickly just to caramelise each side
Remove from the pan and place on an oven proof tray or dish
Take an orange and peel it with a knife, slice it into slices approx 5mm thick and trim into even-sized discs approximately 1.5cm in diameter. Put the orange discs onto a heatproof tray and sprinkle with light brown sugar. Caramelise with a blow torch
  • 1 orange
  • 3 tbsp of light brown sugar
To finish off the dish, warm the foie gras through in an oven set to 160°C/Gas mark 3. Slice the foie gras and lay it on top of the brioche and then put the orange on top. Garnish with a small salad of mâche leaves and a sprinkle of Madeira
  • 2 handfuls of salad mâche leaves
  • 1 dash of Madeira
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