Strawberry kulfi

  • Dessert
  • medium
  • Serves8
  • 5 hours, plus overnight freezing


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  • 450g of double cream, whipped
  • 450g of condensed milk
  • 200g of strawberry purée
  • 1 tsp rose water

Strawberry tuile and crisp

To plate

To make the strawberry kulfi, whip the double cream to stiff peaks and set aside
  • 450g of double cream, whipped
In a large mixing bowl, add the condensed milk, rose water and strawberry purée. Combine well and fold in the whipped cream. Pour into the silicone moulds and freeze for at least five hours or overnight until firm
Preheat the oven to 90°C /gas mark ¼
For the tuiles, combine the strawberries, cinnamon, water and caster sugar together in a pan. Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes to poach, then remove and reserve the strawberries using a slotted spoon and discard the cinnamon stick
For the strawberry crisp, mash the reserved poached strawberries until they form a chunky purée. Thinly spread the strawberry mixture onto a silicone baking mat and bake in the oven for 4-5 hours
Meanwhile, reduce the poaching syrup by half and add the liquid glucose. Mix well, then pour onto a silicone baking mat and spread very thinly. Bake in the oven alongside the strawberry crisp for 2–3 hours, then slice into strips and leave to cool over a rolling pin to achieve a curve
  • 10ml of liquid glucose
When ready to serve, arrange slices of fresh strawberries in the centre of the plates. Remove the strawberry kulfis from their moulds and place on top of the fresh strawberries, garnishing with strawberry tuiles and pieces of the strawberry crisp. Sprinkle over the lemon and lime zest, pistachio flakes, gold leaf and more fresh fresh strawberries and serve immediately
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