Raw chocolate brownies

Chocolate brownies


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This raw brownie recipe has the gooiest centre and you won’t believe how good it is for you.

Walnuts: This not-so-naughty number contains the highest amount of omega 3 fats of any other nuts. These omega 3s help facilitate the movement of feel-good transmitters like dopamine and serotonin in and out of the cells and help to support memory and thinking as well. So you are guaranteed to have a smile on your face after a bite of these brownies.

Dates: These caramel beauties are used in a lot of my desserts, they bind the dessert together and have that rich sweet taste that complements so many desserts. Medjool dates are the best as they are very plump and mix well. Try to choose organic ones that haven’t been treated with pesticides, not only are they better for you but they have a much sweeter raw taste.

In a blender, blend the walnuts until they are almost in a paste, then add the dates, Stevia and cocoa
Slowly add in the coconut oil as the mixture is blending. Once the mixture is totally blended together transfer it using a spatula into a cake tin or baking dish
Place the mixture in the freezer for half an hour then refrigerate until ready to eat. If desired, grate some 100% cocoa on top and serve with fresh berries, yoghurt or cream
Serve with fresh berries, yoghurt or cream
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